Manged shared iPad connects to WiFi, but can't make outgoing connections

New Contributor

A shared iPad 8, iOS 14.3, manged by Jamf School, shows the following problem:

  • It connects to the WiFi network from the MDM profile, the WiFiicon ist shown in the status bar.
  • In settings, the correct IP adress, DNS server and router are shown.
  • The iPad can be pinged from another device on the same network.
  • It is visible in the client list of the AP.

So the physical layer seems to be working.

However the iPad doesn't make any outgoing connections at all:

  • Safari can't open any website, the error is always "Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding."
  • Integrated Apps like Apple Maps can't make a connection either.
  • It doesn't contact Jamf and shows as offline in the device list. "Last seen" doesn't update.
  • No commands can pushed to it, they all get stuck at pending.

The problem persists:

  • when using a different WiFi that is not part of the MDM profile.
  • in a DMZ without any firewall restrictions.
  • when using a Hotspot from a smartphone.

Other devices on the same AP work fine.

The problem is solved by starting the iPad in recovery mode and using the iTunes "restore" functionality. Afterwards everything works again.

Does anyone have an idea on how debug how the iPad got into this state? Or what profile setting might cause behavior like this?