Office 365 in a lab classroom environment.

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Hi fellas, can’t easily seem to find info on this. For classroom environments were macs are shared devices, what type of deployment is recommended. In a 1-1 scenario office 365 business pro is recommended, is it the same for shares devices? For office 2019 along with the serializer seemed to work best for classrooms, is that work flow deprecated and everything should get the same deployment? Thanks in advance for the reply’s


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As you suggested, the machine licensing of Office is more or less dead. Microsoft is pushing everyone to subscription licensing. Each user would need to log in to Office on each computer they use. How many simultaneous logins a user can have is up to Microsoft. Your best option may be to use the Office website, rather than the app version. I recommend bringing this up to your TAM or in your next TUB call, Office licensing is all Microsoft so they should have some good information.


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We still do 2019 with the serialiser for student multiuser macs and 365 for staff devices. It's not ideal but it's the only way it works for us.