Remote Inventory Collection

New Contributor

We started using Jamf just a few months ago and at the time we were also scrambling to get devices prepped with jamf and out to our users. We took this time to record some inventory information but since there were many people helping to do so, our inventory isn't all that accurate. Instead of going around to each device and recording the asset number and who it was assigned to, i'm trying to think of a way in which I can have the end user do so but with minimal effort/time.

Some info:
- Our device names are that unit's asset tag number
- We are using Jamf School
- We are 1:1
- We have 35% Macbooks & 65% iPads

Since i'm very new to Jamf, i'm wondering if I can push something out to each device (maybe through a script, custom package, automator) where our users can click, automatically pull their device name and then they just enter their name and submit. I can then match devices up to their respective users. I'm intentionally not making a Google Form as most of them would not know how to find their device name (or even serial number) let alone remember it, switch back and enter it correctly.

Any thoughts? Please save me the trip from having to go to each device!