School MDM Profile Expiring Question

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I have a MacBook I bought back in 2019 for school and I have recently gotten the " MDM Profile Configuration Expiration Soon" message. (It'll happen in the next 5 days). I bought it with my money and set up my account as well but I think the school set the MDM profile up to allow the use of the school portal. I am aware that after 5 years the profiles expire, I am also out of school so I don't use any school-related software. My question is what will this expiration do to my laptop? Will I lose access to anything I have downloaded on my own or will it just stop access to all school-related software? Any help is appreciated!


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MDM profile does not expires, the jamf built-in certificate does, and when it happens, simply the school MDM will not be able to communicate with your laptop. There will be no data or access related issue happens. However, if your device is registered under ASM (apple school manager) for your school, that certificate could be renewed. Also, when you wipe or re-image your machine, it will still go under schools MDM management. My advise, if you paid for the device, call the school and tell them to remove your device from ASM.