School WIFI issues after clean setup with iPadOS 17.5

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We have a school that have a set of shared iPads which they occasionally erase. Since 17.5 the setup half completes but they then lose connection to the MDM (Jamf School) and nothing gets installed. When using a hotspot it completes fine. They've not done anything to their school network so are wondering what has changed between 17.4.1 and 17.5 that would interfere with the setup on the school network.

Anu suggestions?




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Check out Jamf Jet app

Mac Evaluation Utility


to help understand how your network environment may impact the connectivity and traffic for Apple devices.


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Since iPadOS 17.something iPads can be erased with "Return to Service" Option. For this to work you will need to create a Network Configuration Profile. This is one of the options in the first step when creating a profile. Add the WLAN Information needed to connect to the schools WiFi. Next time you erase an iPad, check the "Return to Service" box and select Network Configuration Profile. The iPad will then be erased and afterwards will connect to the Schools Wifi, download Apps, Profiles and so on.