Shared iPad Bug - Tempory User Storage issues

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Hi I seem to be having issues with our shared iPads, The iPads are set up for temporary users only.. They seem unable to always download all of the apps we have assigned, in total the apps assigned only add up to around 5gb at most. However the iPads state that they are unable to download several apps as there is insufficient space. Even when the iPads have downloaded the apps assigned, when I check them in the system they seem critically low on space, so I'm concerned when I get asked to deploy further apps to them that they will need wiping in order to get the new apps pushed out, which I can see being an increasing problem.

I've spotted the thread in JAMF pro with a similar issue:

But just wanted to see if anyone has the same issues, or better, a solution for JAMF school?



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I've also been encountering this as well. I've tried a lot of different variations of changing the storage quota to 2GB for shared users in the Automated Device Enrollment Profiles, wiping the device, and then seeing the storage fills up with only 5 or 6 small apps. Then doing the same thing but changing the quota for 32GB or 64GB depending on the model of the device. Still, the device(s) fill up with meager MB to spare. The primary device I've been testing this with is a Gen 9 iPad on iOS 17.

The enrollment profile has temporary guest sessions always on - mainly because I thought the guest sessions would would maintain the storage because upon logging out no local data is saved. On top of that, the users (Kindergarteners and 1st graders) only need to press the home key to use the iPad.

It's unclear to me if this is a Jamf bug or an Apple bug. Some communication on this would really be appreciated!