Stolen iPad find the thief...

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Hello all,
we had a break-in at one of our schools.
Among other things, iPads were stolen. The police is already investigating.
A few iPads have network access again and report to the Jamfschool server. The thief has stored his own Apple ID and installed apps. The IP address with which the iPad reports to the Jamfschool servers belongs to a hotspot.

Is it possible to get access to the email address of the Apple ID via Jamfschool? Is it possible to access the files on the iPad in order to catch the thief in cooperation with the police?


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Give this information to the policy and let their detectives deal with it.


The police can Subpoena Apple and the Cell provider for account details associated with the AppleID and IP Address. Apple nor the cell provider will give you this information without Subpoena or warrant. 


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SCPI-Phone-Records-and-Subpoena.pdf (


Yes you would be able to do this via Apple support, they would be able to remote into the iPad and take control of the device. You could also remotely lock the device if enrolled through Automated Device Enrollment under quick actions on the device in Jamf School.