Student app login issues and version wackiness

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Just thought I'd post this here just in case I'm not the only one with this issue. New installs of the Student app i.e. newly enrolled devices may ask for user credentials and a domain name to get into the app even if it's a single user device with an owner assigned to it.

A new version of the app is showing in the App Store with today's(11/8) date. Version is 2.2.0, but three iPads setup this morning install 5.2.1( 2.2.1? ) and the dashboard displays 5.2.0 as the latest version. 5.1.1 was the previous version which still functions normally. Versioning is all over the place here. 

EDIT: Updates to this app and new installs and updates to the Teacher app are also affected by the login issues. Turn off auto updates on both if you can help it until they get this corrected. An outage was posted by support just a short while ago in regards to this.