Timed profiles - not reliable

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A profile called "whitelist during school hours" is setup with a time filter. It has a whitelist, so that private games and other unwanted apps will disappear from the students' home screen. Unfortunately, the profile works only for 60-80 % of the iPads automatically. We have to push the button "re-try" in the administration console, or we have to ask the students to open the app Jamf Student, so that their iPads asks the Apple Push Server for any updates (including updates on profiles).

Have you experienced non-reliability with time filtered profiles?
Any suggestions how to fix that are welcome. (We tried IP address based profiles that work a bit better, but they aren't reliably either.)


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Late to the party, but from my experience it seems to be as you described it, no matter how you set things up: unreliable. Check-in intervals cannot be modified in any way (as per Jamf support). We've been looking into leveraging the API to create a script that triggers a more frequent check-in of all devices, but no progress so far.


Thank you Nevinho for your message. I am kind of glad to read that it is not me, but it is Jamf School. It helps to ask students (or teachers) to open the Jamf app (Jamf Student of Jamf Teacher). That enables a connection between the iPad and the Jamf server. It triggers a query whether their is an update on a profile (or on an app, or on an iPadOS update, etc.). It happens a lot that the timed profile works then.

It is still better than not working. Of couse, this workaround is not as desired.