Trouble distributing apps in a few cases

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I'm managing a couple of hundred iPads through Jamf School and ASM, this works fine mostly but I've recently discovered an issue that I'm unable to solve. Sometimes apps won't install. The status for the apps on these devices is "Waiting for licenses" despite having hundreds of them available.

Here's an example of what Jamf says when checking the media status of Microsoft Word in one of these cases:

  • Found a Volume Purchasing app
  • In scope for device "REDACTED", with reported status PendingVPP
  • Waiting for the Volume Purchasing licenses to be assigned, install will continue after next checkin
  • This app is on-demand, a Volume Purchasing license will be given out when the user installs the App
  • The device is supervised, so installation can happen without user interaction
  • Found the assigned license at Apple with number REDACTED
  • Found the app in the SE AppStore

The user has already chosen to install the app through Jamf Teacher, and the device has checked in multiple times since then. The act of removing the affected apps from their relevant devices and adding them again has not made a difference.


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Are you purchasing these licenses through School Manager or VPP? Under the Managed Distribution tab for the app check and make sure that you have the Location set to where the licenses are and that the "Assign Content Purchased in Volume" box is checked.

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I am having the exact same issue.  Have you found a resolution?

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I don't remember, unfortunately. It might've been resolved by updating the service token. Licenses were bought through School Manager.