Unable to revoke app licenses

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I have been trying to reclaim some app licenses from some ipads so that I can use the app on some newer devices instead but when I click on 'Revoke' I get this message:

"Failed Something went wrong while trying to revoke this license"

Even if I un-enroll the device I still cannot get the licence back.

The app is 'Hairy Letters'

Any ideas?




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I'm running into this right now as well. Did you have any luck?  


I'll open a support ticket, not get a reply, and let them close it out after a few weeks just for fun....


I'm not sure if this is the same issue I ran into, but here is something that I did to get my 'locked' app licenses back. You should be able to see how many apps are locked under Apps > Inventory > 'Content License Overview' button.

First go to Apps > Inventory > Select all apps > Click 'Permanently Delete Deferred Items'.

This took care of some of my locked app licenses. But there were still a number left. What happened was that I had a device refresh, and the old devices were unassigned users and moved to the main location and trashed. This somehow stopped the 'deferred app removal' process from those devices. In the end I had to bring them all back to the original location and go through them One-by-One and delete deferred apps. This is done under Devices > Devices > select the device > click Managed Apps > click 'Permanently delete deferred items'. Then I trashed them all again and left them in the location's trash.

I hope some of this helps.

Greg Bobbett