Unsuccessfully Trying to Update Shared iPads to iOS 15

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Is anyone else having trouble updating Shared iPads to iOS 15? I'm quite new to device management in general and am looking any help.


Our devices are 32GB and the updates are 2-3 GB, almost too large for the allotment per device. I tried to get around this by creating a single device class and updating that single device, but am only seeing that the update is schedule  The update is so large that is is almost too big for I'm pretty new at this, so I created a single device class and tried to update that way. I am still only seeing that the update is scheduled, but the update goes no further. 

Any advice would be most welcome!


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I haven't been able to experiment much with this myself. We've only been on Jamf School since the end of the summer and have been catching up on recreating our previous setup. I've only updated to iPads so far.

Do you have access to any of the iPads? I remember having to unlock one to initiate downloading the update.

Also, I'm unclear as to why you made a class for the device. Could you not find it in the Updates tab under the Devices category? Alternatively, you could go to the iPad's device page and look at its updates there.

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Thanks for your questions. I created the "Update Class" because of the size of the update, and because our Shared iPads do not have much space available.

I just found a work around, which works when the devices are in-hand. If I plug a device into my MacBook and then do a factory reset, I have the option of updating. This only works when the device is in hand, but hopefully the next iOS upgrades won't be so huge!

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We have around 1000 iPads set up as shared in our primary section and haven't been able to update a single one using Jamf pro since iOS 15 was released. We have been using the same set up for 4/5 years now and always face issues updating the iOS on shared iPads however this is the first time it has completely failed to update any.    Usually we manage to get around 90% updated using jamf over a period of 2/3 weeks and the remaining we do with Apple configurator. 

Apple configurator will allow you to update multiple iPads simultaneously, providing you have a trolley, without the need to completely restore. 

We also have over 2000 iPads set up as 1:1 which have had no problems updating iOS. The issue only seems to be on Shared iPads. 


Hopefully this will be resolved soon as updating 1000 iPads manually isn't really an option for us. 

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We encounter the same problem: unable to update shared ipads to iPadOS 15.1. We contacted Apple Support without getting a response. We opened an unanswered Jamf ticket. We contacted Jamf by email and the only solution offered is to delete and update the shared iPads through itunes. Very disappointing