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What are Extension Attributes? Why were they added to Jamf Pro and why do they matter? These questions, and others, will be answered in this short post. Extension Attributes can be a powerful tool in the tool belt of the Jamf Pro admin, and we will d...
In large enterprises and organizations with thousands of computers, it’s often necessary to break up software deployments into more manageable groups. Need to push a configuration profile out to 5,000 devices? You might want to break that into chunks...
We have scheduled our next Apple Admin Meet-up for the DFW Area. Come join us for some pizza and some great discussions! Apple Admin Meet-Up
I'm looking for a method of managing the home page setting in both Firefox and Chrome via Configuration Profile. I know for Firefox this can be managed using CCK2 to generate an file and then an AutoPkg recipe to create a Firefox insta...
I am in the middle of deploying a centralized Jamf Pro instance for a large disparate organization. We're talking 5 business units with multiple sub-organizations, ultimately leading to well over 150 different Active Directory forests with no trust b...