Computer Naming through DEP Enrollment

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Hello all,


I wanted to know if there is a way or an easy way to have computers automatically named when a user goes through the JAMF automated device enrollment i did it on my test machine and it just says "Macbook Air" i would love it for me to enter my organization email and password then when the downloading of apps is finished go to jamf and see my computer name synced with JAMF pro 





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@JamfAdmin2 Typically you'd run a script to set a Mac's name as part of the ADE process. If you search Jamf Nation for "computer name" you'll find a number of examples (I'm not posting a specific link because you'll need to look for something that matches/is close to what you're looking for in a naming convention).

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The easiest/automatic process will be to add a custom prefix or suffice to the machine's serial number to uniquely name them. That uses features built into Jamf. Otherwise you're going to need to use a script. At one time I'd seen a process where the serial numbers were entered into a google sheets file and the requested name in a second column and a script looked up the serial number and used the assigned name. There's been a features request for better machine naming for ages.

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No, no easy way. 
I thought Inventory preload would be neat but it's a manual process and you can't change the name field for the devices you preload. So no, you're going to need to script it, or do it manually. 

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It ultimately depends on how your onboarding is configured.

If the name is being set by logging into iCloud on the host machine, then an inventory update at the end of the app deployment will update the inventory record in Jamf with the new name.

If you want a specific name for the device, outside of what is typically set by iCloud, that is unique to that device, then you could have this command run during however the app deployment is configured, to set the name.
jamf setComputerName -useSerialNumber -prefix 'XX-'

Again, an inventory update after the command will need to be done for the inventory record in Jamf to be updated.