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We are planning a new Casper Suite environment. given the amount of knowledge here in the community i would like to ask you guys to have a look at our plans. attached is a pdf with an overview of the plan
Hi Guys, I'm trying to make a script to install/ update a Photoshop CC extension trough the appropriate command line tool.i made an if statement to test if it is installed but somehow it doesn't work. Who can give me a pointer, i'm going crazy here. ...
I'm trying to get some profiles on my VM's, running on a esxi platform. when i make a empty profile at system level it get's pushed fine to my "regular clients" MBP etc. the profiles never appear in my VM's. i tried to jamf removeMDMProfile jamf mana...
Hi, i wrote a simple script to update the JSS. now I'd like it to extend the script and download the latest version from JAMF using CURL. as a next step towards rapid deployment. Actually, this was an exercise to practise my scripting skills anyway w...
I'm having an issue where cached packages don't show up in the inventory in the JSS. It just shows the number of cached packages, not the names of them like in the Casper Suite tab. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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