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Referring to this article I have run the command codesign -dr - /path/to/app and codesign -dr - /Applications/ for my program and I get a return answer of the executable location followed by Anchor Trusted. When I run the same command ...
Working on testing PPPC with some apps, specifically with Google File Stream before proceeding to other apps. How do I know that what I did works as desired? Is there some magical test to run to show that it is correct. Does anything show up on the t...
Trying to delete a local user from a machine remotely using Jamf remote. Set parameters to completely delete the user and home folder followed by an inventory update. The log shows the user and home folder have been deleted, but the computer and inve...
APNS certificate was up for renewal and so I renewed, but I renewed the wrong certificate and then revoked the proper one (face palm). This means any iOS device I needs to re-enroll, simple solution, of my restrictions is that the option...
Background: Had a student not return a macbook during turn in. I remotely locked their laptop as I have done other times with the lock feature. When going back to the machine this summer to get it ready for next student, I realized I never unlocked. ...
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