Privacy Preferences Policy Control - Verify It Worked

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Working on testing PPPC with some apps, specifically with Google File Stream before proceeding to other apps. How do I know that what I did works as desired? Is there some magical test to run to show that it is correct. Does anything show up on the target computer so show that the PPPC was deployed. I can tell in the logs that PPPC executed and was loaded onto the target machine, but I am unsure of how to tell it is "working". I was hoping to see a picture of the app with a check box that I did this to in the system preferences --> security & privacy --> privacy tab, but no such luck.


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At the moment, only user-approved whitelisted apps will show in the Privacy section. The closest you can get is visiting System Preferences --> Profiles to view your whitelisted items in the PPPC payload.

Another "test" is just using the app day-to-day to determine if the permissions pop-ups you received when not whitelisted don't appear.

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@ben.hertenstein The Identification of Processes and Apps Attempting Data Access section of Preparing Your Organization for User Data Protections on macOS 10.14 may prove helpful.

I also like to execute tccutil reset All before and after I've deployed a Privacy Preferences Policy Control Configuration Profile to double-check that the user is no longer being prompted by whatever action caused the dialog box to appear.