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Hello, I have read a few posts on here and some good scripts, but im not sure how or where to add in to run it as Sudo? Since adobe RUM requires sudo. Can someone please tell me where to add that in and how? Thanks!
Hello, Has anyone had any luck getting Bomgar to work with full control? I have read a few articles about using PPPC which im not familiar with. I have jump clients install on the devices, but when i remote to them im in a view only mode. The user do...
Hello, Can someone help me with an easy way to silently trigger rum so acrobat updates? With all this online learning, I cant get the students to click update through the CC app. Im also not that good at scripting, I have ran the sudo rum locally whi...
Hello, Im newer to Jamf so bare with me, But im trying to find in restrictions payload where i can restrict all users in my school from entering their own apple id. I have found a few student this past year had entered their own apple ID and installe...
Hello, I wanted to bounce this by the community to see if others had this issue and how they got around it. I have a computer lab used by students, the Imacs are hard wired in for network, but I have found students are unplugging and hookng the wifi ...