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Does anyone know anything about Jamf's plan to support the ACME feature introduced in macOS 13 (and to be enhanced in macOS 14)
I would like to trigger the same policy using different custom events.For example -jamf policy -event triggerAjamf policy -event triggerBwill both trigger policy XYZI've tried adding the custom event triggerA, triggerB to policy XYZ, but it didn't wo...
I have a scenario whereby I need the Jamf Pro server to execute some action, and pass on this information to the client.It should work like this -client is triggered to install 'policy A' --> client asks Jamf Pro server for infromation X (which is ne...
I have a policy to install a package, which I want to make available to all computers via Self Service, but I only want it to automatically install (e.g. via enrollment trigger) for some computers only.Can this be done somehow, without having 2 diffe...
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