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With thanks to daniel.prk and mark.kenny from MacAdmins #jamfnation: After running an action with Casper Remote 9.96, selecting a computer and viewing a log opens a web browser pointing at a File Reference URL of the form file:///.file/id=6571367.301...
After upgrading to 8.7, I've been running into some issues with the database churning 100% CPU and clients occasionally being unable to properly submit results to the JSS. Some investigation found that the database was taking upwards of a second to d...
TL;DR - Old Imaging Configurations had Colons : in their names. Renamed them with the JSS, and Casper Admin works fine again. No more UnsupportedFormatException. Long VersionHowdy, all! Finally upgraded from 8.43 to 8.52 and everything seems to be ru...
Viewing Membership of Smart Groups has been rather sluggish on my JSS instance as of late, likely a result of not discovering the automatic log flushing functionality :) Currently, clicking Management > Smart Computer Groups > (random small group) > ...
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