Update on Jamf Support Services

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Hi, Jamf Nation!

Good news…you will soon see an enhancement to your support experience with Jamf! In an effort to always improve, we’re launching a new Jamf support portal through Jamf Account. You’ll access it with your Jamf ID. And nope, there won’t be any changes to the support email, phone number or the teams who support you. 

But to reiterate, you will need a Jamf ID to access this new portal. The Jamf ID will also allow you to access more functionality within Jamf Nation (think profiles), as well as Training Courses, with a single set of login credentials. 

And as a reminder, if you’re experiencing issues with Jamf Account please email success@jamf.com.

Yes - more information about this exciting new portal is coming soon! Check back here (and watch your email) for the details!

- Your Jamf Support Team


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Do you know when this will be launching?

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Great question! While we're not sharing a specific launch date, we can let you know it's coming very soon. Let's just say we made this post with our launch date in mind.

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Will I still be receiving automated "We're waiting to hear for you!" emails in the dead of night when I'm actually waiting for Jamf Support? 

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Hasn't it been like this for months already?  What changed, exactly? 

This is exactly what I was going to post. In order to get to support I have to login to Jamf Account?  Isn't that what she is saying?

You'll still be able to access support via email and phone, no changes there! If you'd like to create, view, or update your tickets in the new portal view, you'll soon need to login via Jamf Account. 

🙂 Yes I understand that, in fact I just did that 2 min ago. I had to log into Jamf Account in order to create a ticket, it is also where I have to go in order to chat to support?  I guess I am just not understanding what has changed.  Or is it that only some customers had to do this and now everyone does?

We haven't made any changes to the experience quite yet! If you're able to log into Jamf Account today you'll be set when we enable the new portal experience. 🙂

*scratches head* Ok, I've had to do it that way for months.  So that's why I posed the last question the way that I did.  Not trying to be rude, just sayin it's not new for me. 🙂 

Sorry for any confusion! What you see in Jamf Account today will be changing soon, but as long as you're able to log into Jamf Account you're ready for the upcoming change.

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Maybe @CalleyO should update the main post to say "some users have been piloting this for X amount of time.  Starting today, ALL JN users will have the new experience."

To clarify, the experience we'll be launching soon is not the experience anyone has today. We'll be providing more information on the enhanced support experience in the very near future!

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Could you please register the subdomain support.jamf.com and have this URL take customers to the support portal??  That would be super helpful.

I am actually surprised this does not exist yet!

Excellent idea! Look for more information on this very soon!

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How is this any different than we currently access? Does not make sense to me.

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Could y'all consider taking the Apple approach when it comes to announcing new features?  

- Develop the new product or feature set

- Test the bejesus out of it

- Test it some more

- Don't announce it until it's actually ready

By pre-announcing this, you've already taken the wind out of its sails and confused most of us.

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Can anyone from Jamf explain to me, why this new approach is better?

I was really happy to have everything in one place. Now I have the account page for the products and I need to login to another page to open a support ticket. Also this other page seems to be using service now, which I don't like, because it often makes a case very confusing with all the status messages in between. 


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Please see the Support Service Update for more information.

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Seems to me that whatever it is is not fully baked and there is no estimated time when the ticket informaiton will be ported over.

I see notifications on the top of the screen and I'm not seeing a way to mark them as read.

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I posted this in the other (newer) post but copying here for visibility...

I have encountered three usability issues already:

Problem: User cannot log into the support portal directly.

Steps to Reproduce: 

When you go to https://support.jamf.com while signed out, it shows 3 links on that page.

When you click either Knowledge or Get Help, there are two redirect steps:

  1. The ServiceNow login page (https://jamf.service-now.com/csm?id=csm_get_help&sys_id=de45c412c312310015519f2974d3ae1b)
  2. Step 1 instantly forwards to an Okta login page (jamfsw.okta.com).  

Neither seem to be intended for customer use because they don't work.  Or... someone forgot a step in the integration. 

Workaround: log into account.jamf.com first, then go to support.jamf.com. 

Critique: this is unnecessary work and defeats the purpose of having a dedicated support link.


Problem: After logging out of the Support portal, there is no link back to the home page.

Steps to Reproduce:

After logging into the support portal using the aforementioned steps, a user clicks "Log Out."

The resulting page says "Logout Successful: You have successfully logged out."

Now the user has no obvious way to log back in.

Notes: This is a default behavior in ServiceNow.  The log out page needs to be customized.

Workaround: close the page and open a new one.

Critique: Was this even tested?  Did UI / UX get a chance to review before release?


Problem: Jamf Account page does not consistently pass session token to Support page.

Steps to Reproduce:

Sign into account.jamf.com

Click "Get Help" > forwards to support.jamf.com in a new tab, and the page signs into ServiceNow.

Log out of the support page.  Close the tab.

In the Account.jamf.com page, click Get Help.

Jamf.ServiceNow.com loads, but does not sign in.

Workaround: User must click "Log In" again.


Additionally, the https://jamf.service-now.com/stats.do page is showing.  Some admins like that to be turned off for security reasons.  It's not a PII leak because those pages do not show any personal or customer info.  They only reveal information about your instance.  It's enabled by default on ServiceNow instances.

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...plus, the response time from the "support team" is waaaayy longer than before ServiceNow. I've created a case yesterday's morning and I've got a reply from the support, just to confirm what I've said in the notes. I've replied back with more detailed info and...NO replies since then! And the case is set at Medium, as priority!!!

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I lost all my recent cases and only see old cases from an old employer, great system 🙄


and when you call into support, they cannot look up your ticket to give you the info....(High Priority Case)

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The login issue @bradtchapman talked about is by far the one I run in to every time I go to open or update a case. The Service Now/Okta login doesn't take my info (email or username) at all. Sometimes it takes my credentials if I come from account.jamf.com/support first, other times it wants me to login. 

Somehow I came across this page: https://jamf.service-now.com/idp_disco.do. It gave my two options:

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 8.43.28 AM copy.png

Selecting Okta brought me to the login prompt that doesn't work. When I click the salesforce link, it sends me to https://jamf.service-now.com/login_with_sso.do?glide_sso_id=be6b272d1b050110dfb1da0dbc4bcb91 which then redirects to https://id.jamf.com/idp/login and I am able to login successfully.

Thank you, @PhillyPhoto, for sharing your workaround. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and know our Support team is working on it!

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I am posting here unfortunately because I cannot get a timely response from Jamf support. I would say after (during?) this revamp to support, this is easily the worst it has ever been in my 11 years of working with Jamf. If I'm lucky, I might get a chat agent after 40 minutes of waiting, and sometimes nobody picks up. Then, I create the ticket manually...and get a half baked answer linking me to the admin guide...thanks a lot... really disappointing.

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