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AD or LDAP proxy

Trying to find a solution to remote learning and having users bind/(or NOMAD) and login it on their own home networks without VPN. Is there an LDAP proxy option for allowing a mac to port through a DMZ machine for authentication? Something like infra...  View more

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Active Directory Binding in the world of COVID-19

Hey all,So I'm sure there are bunch of ways to do this, however I've not explored this until now (and we are all working remotely). With new machines we get purchased we are thinking of sending them to the staff directly and having them set it up, bu...  View more

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Jamf Connect local users with admin permissions

Hello, I'm testing jamf connect login together with Azure LDAP. Basically it works but my users are just standard users if I'm doing an enrollment. Of course, I also created a hidden administrator but I want to give some users local admin permissions...  View more

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