Full Removal of Jamf Connect.

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I am trying to figure out how to completely remove Jamf connect from my machines.

I have tried running the uninstaller but it leaves profiles in my profile list of client machines that do not exist in my profiles built and deployed from Jamf Pro. 

I have looked for these profiles in my list of deployable profiles and they do not exist.

I have turned off every profile and policy I believe is related to connect but two profiles still show up in the list on client machines.



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I forgot. To enroll the machine I am using for my test machine was enrolled with a previous enrollment created before connect.

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Jamf Connet uses 2 management domains, which should have Configuration Profiles deployed to manage. If you want to remove these Configuration Profiles, you will need to unscope the device(s) in Jamf Pro. Jamf Connect does not install any Configuration Profiles on its own.

  • Menu Bar (com.jamf.connect).
  • Login App (com.jamf.connect.login).
  • If you configure Jamf Connect how Jamf recommends, the license file will be a 3rd configuration profile (also uses com.jamf.connect.login).

Jamf Connect also places several plists on the device. If you want any of those removed that the uninstaller does not remove, you will need to script that out.

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There are still two profiles that I do not have in my profile list nor are scoped to any computer or group.

Anything I created in attempts to utilize connect have been stripped of any scoped machines.