Jamf 300

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I'm planning on taking the JAMF 300 course but before I do I wanted to work on familiarizing myself with scripting. Any good recommendations for a scripting course I can take? Thanks


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Quite honestly, the instructor will cover everything that is required to help you understand so take good notes. Just like the 200, the exam will cover everything you do in the course including the scripts. But, don't write your notes down, juse note-taking app like Evernote or something to help you organize your notes. 

But, to help you understand Bash/Zsh scripting then here a few: https://trainingcatalog.jamf.com/page/jamf-pro, Jamfnation, and https://scriptingosx.com/.

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The exam is not that bad. All of the scripts you will need are in the course work. At most you will need to modify the scripts that are in the course work. My recommendation is to not worry too much about API, LaunchAgents, or LaunchDaemons and put your effort elsewhere.



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