Jamf Connect email and password sections greyed out

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Has anyone had this issue with Jamf Connect? It is becoming a widespread problem within our organization.  This (attached photo) will pop up upon login and you can't make it go away.   We thought updating everyone 2.12 would solve this problem but it's still happening.  The only fix that we've found that works is going in and manually re-installing (via Jamf id site) the latest version.  I'd like to avoid manually re-installing for our whole environment so any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.





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You are using Azure of Okta or other?  What pop-up is that an additional login window, while the end-user is at their desktop?

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The greyed out login abilities are sometimes associated with a bad License in the configuration profile. @dgarrigan 

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Hi, so I'm having the same issue, but I don't see where I can upload the license for Jamf Connect.
do I need to replace the old Config Profile with a new one that has a new license key? 

I received a new Jamf Pro license key, but I didn't get a new Jamf Connect license. Any idea? 

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Hi there,

I'm also seeing some macs where Jamf Connect's email and pwd fields are grayed out.  Based on some of the replies here; it seems something may be related to Licensing wrong configurations, Azure... or something else.).  either way the case maybe, where is that this issue needs to be fixed? in the clients or in the Jamf servers, etc.  Have you gotten any solution for this issue?  Thanks in advance.

HI, you will need to get the user with that issue to be excluded from the license file, then re-add the license file again. Sometimes you might need the user to restart for the Jamf Connect popup to go away/come back to normal where you can login instead of greyed out.

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Hi @Khalid_Kareem Can you please share a step by step points to try this.

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JAMF Recommends that you create a Config profile to house just the license file for the JAMF Connect configuration and put all of the other settings into another profile. This allows you to change the license file without touching the rest of the JAMF Connect config or any other payloads that you may have bundled together

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Hi @Matt27 Can you please share a steps by step process, that I can try.