JAMF Connect not showing login window when computer is "Locked"

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We've disabled auto lock and prefer an auto logout but we're having the issue where if a user locks the computer that someone else cannot login. We have fast user switch disabled as it's been for years but login has always show up for other users if locked. Students need to hard reboot the computer to get the login window if they're not the user that locked it.

Prior to JAMF Connect the option was there to login even if locked. 


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I'm experiencing a similar challenge with JAMF Connect and the absence of the login window when a computer is locked, despite disabling auto lock and opting for auto logout. It's frustrating that users, particularly in shared environments, cannot log in if someone else has locked the computer. Even with fast user switch disabled, the previous system allowed other users to access the login window when the computer was locked. The current workaround of requiring students to perform a hard reboot to access the login window seems cumbersome and counterintuitive. Has anyone found a solution or workaround to restore the previous functionality where the login option was available even when the computer was locked prior to the implementation of JAMF Connect? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

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