Jamf mdm question

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, sorra if it breaks any subreddit rule.

My company asked me to install Jamf mdm software to my laptop which was provided by the company. My boss said I could use that laptop for personal use but make sure to not do anything illegal.

Now my question would be, what can the company see exactly in my laptop if I install it ?


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By default the information it collects are your hardware information, software installed, user accounts on the machine, software you have installed/updated, basic application usage history (doesn't record what you do, only that you use the software and frequency), whether your mac is encrypted or not, and other basic collection. It's not designed to spy what you are doing on your mac. Either way, why don't you ask your company IT this kind of information since we would have no idea how your company's Jamf is setup. 

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One rule I operate under. Never do anything personal on a work device, and never do anything work on a personal device. Follow that rule and you will have no problems.


What JAMF can see? It can see a lot of things, but JAMF itself really only cares about device configuration. However, JAMF can also install tools that can see even more. No file a mac is beyond the reach of monitoring tools. No website you go to is beyond the visibility of monitoring tools also. Just understand absolutely anything and everything you do can be seen, maybe not by JAMF, but most certainly by something.


Only your IT department can say what they can see. You can look at System Preferences > Profiles to see what all they have configured if you were so inclined and if they dont have it blocked. But back to what I originally said, assume nothing is private on any company owned device.