Local Login Screen does not prompt for Recovery Key after 3 Attempts

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So we have had Jamf Connect and Jamf Pro for a 4+ months now and things are going pretty well (read as: still new to Jamf Pro)

However I had my first ever "I totally forgot my Azure password" call the other day.
After reseting their Azure Password. We were faced with getting the local password reset. No problem, just enter the wrong password three times and I'll give you the recovery key to get in - right?

We could not get the MacOS login screen to prompt for a recovery key after many failed attempts. I eventually used the admin credentials to do it.

I am testing on a Ventura 13.3 machine enrolled in our Jamf Pro instance running Jamf Connect 2.22.0 and I cannot get MacOS to prompt for a recovery key after trying 10+ unsuccessful logins.

Is this a configuration policy in my Jamf Pro? Could it be something configured in Jamf Connect?


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I figured it out. The password after screen saver or locking - does not follow the same rules. If I restart the device - then things work as expected. 

Learned something new today..

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You already sorted it out, but the reset password only works from FileVault. MacOS has 2 log in screens that unfortunately look identical to each other. As a last ditch effort you can go in to macOS recovery, open terminal and type resetpassword to reset all the passwords for all the accounts on the device.