Facetime-Only Managed Apple ID's

New Contributor

I am managing about 40 iPad 7's using Jamf Now for a healthcare facility so people can communicate with their families during the pandemic. With Apple's help we were able to successfully set up facetime-only managed Apple ID's in Apple Business Manager so patients could connect without the need of an iCloud account. So far so good...

A few weeks ago we discovered we are no longer able to access Facetime and it is uncertain whether the devices are logged in with the managed id's. When we call up Facetime we cannot input a username. I have reset the iPads numerous times, have tried re-provisioning them, de-activating and re-activating the accounts in ABM. Nothing seems to work. All the iPads are up to date with the latest version of iOS.

About the same time (coincidentally or not?) it was around the same time Jamf Now introduced Apple id-based app assignments.

Is this a coincidence? More importantly, is there a fix?