Trial Jamf Pro and functions

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Hi I've got a customer who is looking to use Jamf Pro for managing their Macs and I'm trying to get a grip on what they need but when I called Jamf in the UK the guy I spoke to appeared to know very little about the product, insisting that I had to use Apple Business Manager to enroll devices and when I said we have a number of ad-hoc devices I got the verbal version of a shrug, which was very frustrating and makes me feel that Jamf was the wrong choice! I know through my own research that User-Initiated enrollment is an option, so why the Jamf guy didn't jump on this a solution is a mystery to me.

Anyway, I want to try Jamf Pro before deployment and I can see that it is possible to sign up to a trial but it doesn't say how long the trial lasts (something I need to know so I can time this right) and if there are any other requirements. The 'sales' guy suggested that Jamf Pro has a minimum of 25 device licences but surely I don't need to commit to that before a trial??

I am also looking at Jamf Now as an option to test the system but I suspect that this will not map well with my customer's experience and so will leave me at a disadvantage when helping them deploy Jamf.

Finally it's not clear that if I plan to use AzureIntune for the remainder of their estate that I need Jamf Connect or if this is a nice to have and if so what it costs.

I'm sorry if this is not really a community question but since Jamf Sales in the UK were pretty much useless I'm not sure where to go.


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Looks like you will be contacted by a sales person to setup the trial. Also Jamf has a 50 license minimum requirement so if you cant even meet that Jamf might not be a good fit for you. I think the sales person you spoke with was saying that it is higly recommended to get a ABM/ASM account setup first and get there customer numbers added in so they can leverage DEP enrollment.