06/20/2016 Adobe Updates

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We have used Adobes "RemoteUpdateManager" console application in a weekly Casper policy to keep our Adobe CC applications up to date. As of this week RemoteUpdateManager (the version the vast majority of our users had installed) did not update most of our apps. The only "main" application it updated was InDesign, and they were corrupt from the update. None of the other Adobe applications were updated, other than CameraRaw.
I did create a brand new package from Adobe Creative Cloud Packager (which had been updated to 1.9.5) for InDesign to get those few test users running, and from that installation I created a new "RemoteUpdateManager" package, which was updated as well. I then installed this latest RemoteUpdateManager on another machine with the older Adobe apps, and they still weren't updated.

This is more of a poll to see if others are seeing similar issues.


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@ronb I was seeing the same thing, RUM only seeing the ID update. I ran an incremental update on the update server and then issued RemoteUpdateManager --action=list on my machine.

I went back to CCP and packaged up the Creative Cloud item (without enabling the CC pieces) and installed on my machine. RUM is now updated to on my machine and sees the following updates:

(AdobeInDesignCC2015-11.0/ (AdobeLightroom-6.0/6.6) (PhotoshopCameraRaw8-8.0/9.6.126)

Looks like we'll need to update RUM to see the new updates.

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Interesting. I agree that RemoteUpdateManager should be updated.

But there should be more even updates than what you found after the command-line app update. I have read that Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and I believe at least Dreamweaver should have updates as well. http://www.adobe.com/creativecloud/features.html?promoid=KQQQVBVY&mv=other.

So maybe it's on Adobes side - they haven't made the other updates available yet thru their Adobe Update Server or to local AUSST's.

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Adobe released both minor and major versions updates with the release. Currently RUM only supports minor version updates. The following link shows the programs released that will not update through RUM and will likely need to be repacked and deployed. https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/packager/apps-deployed-without-their-base-versions.html

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So what is the proper way to update Adobe CC 2015, roll an update only package including the new standalones, and then rm -R the old application folder? For example now I have After Effects 2015 AND 2015.3 sitting next to each other. This new methodology doesn't account for the old version, and just leaves it sitting there?