Account password change Mobile account VPN

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Hi Guys,

In these home working times we seem to have issues with changing the password. We use mobile accounts and users log on with their AD users and passwords on the active directory bound machines. Once a month the password needs to be changed.

Normally this is a logon window event. But now these users are all at home and not connected to our domain it's the cisco vpn app that handles the password change.

This works, but now the keychain password is no longer in sync with the new AD password. That can be solved too (by resetting the default keychain, which is not ideal, but it works).

But this does not change the account password.

Is there a way to change the account password on AD bound computers and mobile accounts, while not connected to said domain?


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We are having the same problem. I tried connecting to the vpn so AD would be online. It did change the password, but it broke the keychain and our vpn certificate. We use Global Protect. Seems to be a keychain issue because on my "admin" mac profile I can still use the vpn.