Add institutional domain to Apple Business Manager

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that's my first discussion right now and I hope this will find peoples interest, too.

Right now, our scenario would look like this. We have employees which are working with instituional emails as their appleID already. This institiutional domain "" has been connected to the Apple Business Manager but never connected as a federation.

As far to my understanding if we would start to establish a Federation with our Azure environment all users would receive a warning to switch their appleIDs within 60days. Which is in a kind of not an option.

So the idea would be like this:
1. Add a new institiuional domain ""
2. Right now, no alias is distributed to users with ""
2. Create a Federation between ABM and ""

To solve the issue - that current users will loose their current appleID contents simply add the new federated "" alias to the Azure user account and add it as a second Apple-ID email (then primary) to their Apple-Account.

My question right now would be:
If I federate the new unused "" with ABM and Azure do users get any email notification about this process?

Thank you very much.
Much appreciate your view on that one.



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As far as I know.. ABM itself doesn’t send out mails when the setup is done. Users will just be provided with a federate login screen when trying to use the managed Apple ID which will redirect them to the M365 Login screen.