Allowing Access to Security & Privacy for Machines OS 10.13.6 and less

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I was told you can ONLY use PPPC on machines that are 10.14 and higher... is there a way to allow the same (For example: allowing Bomgar (or any other app) access to SysPreferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility) for machines are less than 10.14.X. I have several machines that are 10.13.6 ,10.12.X, and 10.11.X.


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The "old school" way is not possible in 10.13 or 10.12 - tcc.db / sqlite3 database read only. They made this change sometime in 2016. You should still be able to deploy a .mobileconfig /configuration profile to the computers to achieve what you want. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong with the .mobileconfig statement) You can still modify the db on your el cap machines & can be automated via script. should update to mojave and save yourself some headache!

The information you were provided is indeed correct. Only in 10.14

You can allow apps to access certain files used for system administration, and to allow access to application data. For example, if an app requests access to your Calendar data, you can allow or deny the request. MDM administrators can manage these requests using the Privacy Preferences Policy Control payload, as documented in the Configuration Profile Reference. - Page 64


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