Anti Virus - Apple Silicon

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Within our organisation we are using Symantec Endpoint Protection on our Mac's at present, however we're now needing to make Apple Silicon Mac's available to our staff.

ETA from Symantec is Spring 2021 for their SEP 14.3 RU2, to support Apple Silicon. This leaves us with a gap in the interim.

Having looked at a number of other providers, they also seem to be currently working on a release to support Apple Silicon.

I'm wondering if anyone might have any options, that are available to see us through, either free of paid for. I appreciate that with a lot of free products, there are licencing issues around commercial use.



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We're actually moving from Kaspersky Endpoint Security to Jamf Protect.
Kaspersky didn't even provide an ETA for the M1 support


I would also like to lobby some interest on this topic.

What other enterprise endpoint AV products can support Apple silicon?

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I'm also interested in this for endpoint protection. We currently are using Fortinet endpoint protection.

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I am interested in reasons for having / needing a 3rd party AV solution? Security controls (eg xProtect) on Mac / Big Sur is not enough?

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sorry I may not be able to help with another AV but some information regarding the SEP client for Mac on M1.
We share the same problem so we contacted Broadcom/Symantec and where told that they plan to release it after the second week in Februar. Please keep in mind that this is not officially confirmed and there might be a later release still.