Anyone else seeing Self Service policies with only a script payload not actually run the script?

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Using Jamf Cloud hosted JSS 10.37.2 we're seeing an odd problem with policies run from Self Service that contain only a Script payload where they don't actually run the script. There's no error reported, and the Policy log shows it as Completed, but looking at the Details window shows there's no output from the script:

1  [STEP 1 of 3]
2 Executing Policy Something Something Something...
3 [STEP 2 of 3]
4 [STEP 3 of 3]

as opposed to a normal run which would look something like:

1 [STEP 1 of 4]
2 Executing Policy Something Something Policy Someting
3 [STEP 2 of 4]
4 Running script Something Something Script Something...
5 Script exit code: 0
6 Script result: Retrieving inventory preferences from https://something.jamfcloud/...
Submitting data to https://something.jamfcloud/...
7 [STEP 3 of 4]
8 [STEP 4 of 4]

The problem appears to be attached to the policy as when the problem appears the policy won't run on any computer. Editing the policy in the JSS console then saving with no changes will allow the policy to run the script.

We do have a case open with Jamf Support for this, but it doesn't appear they have any other similar reports, so posting here in case anyone else has encountered this behavior.


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I am noticing that in our environment as well. I will test your workaround and edit with results. I will submit a Jamf ticket also.


Edit: Editing the policy in the JSS console then saving with no changes will allow the policy to run the script WORKS.

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@odj1041 Thank you for confirming the problem, and the workaround. The case I opened for this issue is CS0813927.

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Oh, lovely. We're planning our upgrade to 10.37.2 very soon, and I'm SO not looking forward to needing to deal with this. I have LOTS of policies that just run a script. *sigh* I hope Jamf fixes this one soon so we can move to whatever version addresses it in short order.