AppleTV Automatic Updates not working in Conference Mode

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I've been running into a behavior that I am not sure how, if at all possible, to fix. Or where the problem is, exactly.

I have an appleTV, managed by JamfPro 10. It has one configuration profile on it: Conference Room Mode - a single payload configured to have the TV alway be in Conference Room Mode.

Before I deployed the config profile, I went into the AppleTV Settings --> System --> System Updates --> Automatic Updates: On.

The Behavior: AppleTV doesn't do automatic updates, when conference room mode config profile is installed.

I think the automatic updates aren't automatically updating because of conference room mode, because i've noticed that the remotes don't work on the tv with that profile either (which is the point)

Has anyone else run into that? Has anyone managed to get their TVs to automatically update when they have Conference Room Mode config profile installed. Am I missing a config profile? From what I can tell, there is no "Update Software" in Management tab on JamfPro for the AppleTVs.

I have a work-around for this. Take the Conference Room profile off, connect remote, run updates. But I'm just curious if that's an Apple OS thing, where it doesn't do automatic updates if the TV is in Conference Room mode or if it's a Configuration Profile thing where the profile isn't letting the TV do anything, like connect remotes or run updates.


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Can you search for your Apple TVs then push an update via actions? Similar to updating iOS devices?

I’ve not tried it myself but it would be interesting if this worked.

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I don’t have your answer but have found that pushing conference room mode as a profile on tvOS blocks anyone from ever exiting it. A non starter for us when we need to reboot them from time to time.

As such this is the only setting we deploy manually

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There doesn't seem to be an Update option in Jamf for Apple TVs under Management.

However, there is a Restart Device in Jamf (if you go into the AppleTV Device and go into the Management tab.)

My current solution is when the Apple releases a tvOS update, I take the Conference Room profile off the tvs and they generally automatically update. Sometimes I have to restart the device a couple of times to force it to check in with Apple.

Jamf Support very nicely looked into this for me and here is what they sent me: "Note: When Conference Room Display mode and Single App mode are both enabled, Conference Room Display mode is active and the user can’t access the app." It looks like because these this is so locked down, it doesn't look like Apple designed Conference Mode to allow updates to occur while in that mode.

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Does Conference Room mode seem to drop your wifi as well? Thats how it is for us, so I had to go and restore each one to get it out of Conference Mode and reconnect to wifi. Since it dropped off wifi it couldn't send commands from Jamf

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Ive experienced this as well, I find that sending the restart command typically gets things moving.

You could try to capture a sysdiagnose and see what response its getting when it ask for software updates.