Assistance with Mass Installing inSync (Druva) client on Macs via Cloud Hosted JSS

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Hello JAMF Nation,

I need some assistance in getting Druva (inSync client) deployed to All Mac OS(X) in our environment. I've already created the inSyncConfig.ini text file: not sure how to deploy via Casper Suite/JAMF Pro on Cloud Hosted JSS. We have a Dev Hosted JSS which I will be testing on. Do I just use Composer to create a .pkg of the inSyncConfig.ini and then create a script because according to Druva documentation: Copy the inSyncConfig.ini file to the /Library/Application Support/inSync folder of the Mac computers. Or do I have to create the Directory first prior to script. I couldn't find any "Easy" button. jk Thanks for any assistance on this.34f9e2ccca2e44a4a41e17521392bbc0


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There are a couple ways you could go about doing this. You could write a bash script to grab the file off of your jss and place it where needed, or you could use composer to create a package that does essentially the same thing.

Feel Free to Remove the variables. I'm Not 100% on if it'll work with them that way


dirrec='/Library/Application Support/inSync'
if [ ! -d $dirrec ]

#Make the folder
mkdir $dirrec


#Go to folder
cd $dirrec

#download file
curl -LO http://Your.Jss/CasperShare/Packages/$file

#Unzip files
unzip $file

cp ${dirrec}${file%????}/inSyncConfig.ini $dirrec

sleep 10

#Remove Temp Directory
rm -rf ${dirrec}${file%????}

#Remove Zip File
rm -rf ${dirrec}$file


Something along those lines would work I think. You could probably leave out the "sleep" command but I put it in just in case.

Or you could simply create a package with composer that installs it into /Library/Application Support/inSync.

You might want to add a preinstall script that creates /Library/Application Support/inSync if it isn't already there, although I don't work with composer enough to know if it will just create the directory for you or not.

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Thanks Asnyder! I'll give this a go and let you know. Very much appreciated for assistance.

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Not a problem! The script is basically written to take a zipped version of the file and place it where needed. I'm don't know how much bash knowledge you have if you need to modify the script any but any questions and I'll be glad to help.

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Hello Asnyder, I'm a noob when it comes to scripting but I was able to work with an SE from Druva who helped me to script out something along these lines. Once again, thanks for your assistance which put me on the correct path to getting this deployment going on our Cloud Hosted instance.

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Hi AFlandez, I have had the same question. Did you end up using Composer at all? Or just create a script in JSS along with the installer? I haven't been successful with Composer so far. Which SE from Druva did you work with, if you don't mind sharing?

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Any update on the success of this? We are currently going to use Druva inSync and would like to know if this works.

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@Will_M are you still working on a Druva rollout or did you get that going? I am in the process of rolling it out as well, and it appears that the documentation linked in this post is pretty old. I've got it working and I'd be happy to share if you're still working it out.

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@eprice thank you for the response. Yes, I was able to deploy it with no issues.

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I'd love if it you could share your insight...We are about to set out on deploying this too!


@eprice i would love to connect and talk about this if you’re able