Automate Jamf Scripts Using Github Actions

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I am extremely new to Jamf and barely know how to use the console but was given the task to automate some things. I watched this really cool video: where this dude Hiroshi walks through how to use Github Actions to automate the create/update of scripts in Jamf Pro. I read this blog at and he actually does a really good job at explaining everything and everything works. However, this doesn't seem very scalable at all because the main file is hard coded and it seems like he is just creating/updating one single script. Has anyone used this similar approach to scaled hundreds of scripts? 


Just wondering how everyone else is leveraging Github Actions or some sort of automation tool and updating/creating/deleting jamf scripts without hard coding things. I sort of have an idea where this could work if you could do a for loop that just iterates over folders and does a for each kinda thing but it all seems too hacky. Please share your current pipelines as I'd like to see how ppl are automating these tasks. Thank You