Can we get a 10.25.1 that includes the new BS payloads for screen recording and web content filtering?

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Congrats on the 10.25 release. But there's two really important features missing for proper Big Sur support.

Links to the feature requests:

Although the web content filtering payload has been around since 10.15, the screen recording stuff was just introduced 2 weeks ago so I understand not being able to implement that so soon.

However, both of these are so critical to properly supporting Big Sur that we definitely can't release Big Sur without these payloads. Yes, I'm aware creating profiles outside of Jamf and signing them is a workaround. But we try to avoid that because we like to see what's in the GUI.


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+1 please update!

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And.... Notifications on macOS

And.. DeferForceAtUserLoginMaxBypassAttempts and DeferDontAskAtUserLogout for FV2 (been a thing since 10.10)..

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@bentoms Agreed. But the two specific feature requests I mentioned impact Big Sur support since the changes are 1) regression in behavior from Catalina in screen recording for standard users and 2) security products may not function without the web content filtering payload.

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10.25.1 is out, and does include the Screen Recording enable via Standard Users payload for Big Sur