Chrome Vs Safari

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At the school district there is Securly for filtering and Chromebook / iPad mix for students.

Google Admin is used for Chromebooks, and Jamf is used for iPads.

The student email is provided through Google as well.

On the iPads, would Safari or Chrome be better for managing students?

Is there an advantage for Safari vs Chrome on student devices?

Or is it really just preference?


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I suggest that students access their G-Suite data via the iOS apps to have the best experience. Once a student logs in to their Google account in either browser they will then see all of the extensions, apps and other management setting that you have configured. Chrome just does a little better job.


Always good to have 2 browsers on a device/computer. Somethings will work better in one browser over an another. Then the next day, you come across another situation, where everything is reversed. Now the other browser works best in this instance.