Cisco AMP for M1 Chips

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I've received the error below on 2 of my Macs, both with M1 chips. Anyone seen this before and if so any idea how I can get past it?

installer: This package requires Rosetta 2 to be installed. Please install Rosetta 2 and then try again. sudo softwareupdate --install-rosetta

installer: Error - AMP for Endpoints Connector v1.14.1.807 can’t be installed on this computer.

I'm using payloads to install AMP and it works on all the Intel Macs.


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Well, that error message states you need to install Rosetta before installing your package. So, did you install Rosetta?

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Cisco AMP 1.15.4 and higher are Apple Silicon native and no longer require Rosetta.

AMP for Endpoints Mac Connector OS Compatibility

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It's not the running of the application, I think it's the installation of the package. You need to install Rosetta before installing a package. Unless you repackage to support both arm and intel. 

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How are you installing the Cisco Amp package? I typically extract DMG to the /Users/Shared folder and then use a install from DMG script to install the plug mounted by the DMG since there’s a hidden folder in the DMG with the policies that the post install script runs.

Could you by chance share that process? Amp is kicking my butt. (New)