DEP Computer Not Enrolling

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Hey fellow Jamf admins,

We deployed some new computers this week and have run into an issue I've never seen before...

For context:
We have Apple Business Manager, DEP, and our Jamf token with those services all aligned and it's been working just fine up until today.

We purchase all of our computers through our Apple Ecommerce portal, these purchases all enroll automatically into DEP. I see the Ecommerce order number in the DEP logs in ABM so no issues there. I also see the computer's SN in our prestage enrollment scope but when the user booted the computer up and went through the initial setup the computer never enrolled in Jamf.

This happened to two computers today which leads me to believe it isn't a single user finding a way to get around DEP enrollment (not sure if that's even possible). Another computer (from the same order) enrolled just fine today as all of our DEP computers have in the past.

Has anyone else seen this happen before and if so, what happened and how did you resolve it? I'm not even sure what to blame for this since everything looks good in ABM/DEP and our Jamf server...



Did both users confirm they had an active internet connection during setup assistant?

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@oliverr We've confirmed with both users that they had active internet connections during the setup process. I've also confirmed in our PreStage Enrollment scope that both computers had the checkmark box checked. This one is really stumping me, I haven't seen this happen before.

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Was there any solution to this?

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Any chance your Macs are subject to this Catalina bug by Apple (since fixed; but if your Macs are coming from the factory with an older version of Catalina, you could be getting bitten by this).

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@jsim - We haven't struggled with this for a few months now. Might be due to Apple fixing the bug that @damienbarrett mentioned a few months ago. All of our ducks were in a row and Jamf support told us that our configuration was correct so all I can think to blame for all those dropped enrollments was a bug.