DEP + Jamf integration

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Hi, We are setting up DEP integration with JAMF pro 10.1 version. As per my understanding below are the steps to be followed. Please suggest if i miss something here to add.
1. We have DEP account. (DEP account is already integrated with Intune and working for iOS). Do we need to get separate DEP account or can we use this same account to integrate with JAMF pro.
2. In our current setup, we are using proxy for internet. Can we use proxy and bypass DEP site address (Like white-list DEP site address , 17 series IP as per my understanding), or do we need to setup server without proxy to integrate DEP with JAMF. Note: APN is working fine at present.
3. JAMF server is in on-premises server 443 port is open.


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For #1 - You'll go through the step-by-step process in the JSS to enroll your Jamf server with DEP. Once that's done you will probably need to go to the Apple DEP management site (deploy or and change hte settings so that devices are NOT automatically enrolled in any one MDM (InTune or Jamf). This means you'll have to manually assign devices to one or the other - but you can do it based on the orders, or in bulk with serial numbers and stuff. Its not that big a deal.

Can't answer for sure about #2.