DEP Prestage Enrollments taking 30-40 minutes to complete...

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We are having an issue with 10.4.0 (which was also present in 10.1.1) in which the time between kicking off the Remote Management part of Setup Assistant to enroll a macOS 10.13.4 machine using a Prestage and getting to the login window takes between 30-40 minutes. This Prestage is only enrolling the Mac and laying down the management and a local admin account. It does nothing else. The commands to do those tasks sit as Pending in the Mac object's JSS Management Commands section. I'm guessing the bottle-neck is Apple? This is kind of ridiculous as in 30-40 minutes using Imaging "the olde fashioned way", we had a Mac fully imaged with all of our core software and settings, ready to hand off to the user.

Is there a way to see a log file during this process on the Mac?


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@PhilMaul I had a similar situation. Turns out, we had a build up of pending and failed mdm commands in the JSS. The cause is likely a bunch of user level commands that aren't executing. Because they don't have a chance to execute, they sit in the pending state.

After conversing with Jamf Support, they had sent me a command to run on the JSS to clear out those stacked up commands. I have been imaging our labs and implementing our DEP workflow, so this was a problem for sure.

Anyhow, they sent me the information I needed. I have since decided to run the commands every Monday morning in only to ensure a clean slate for the week. I would contact Jamf support to verify this is your issue too.


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We also see this issue sometimes and we also see the same thing as @mconners. If it is the build up of pending commands, that PI has been known for at least 4 years.


I've been running into the same issue, thank you for posting this! Going to look at clearing those pending and failed mdm commands out as suggested and see if that helps.

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I had a post about a similar issue and have a case opened with JAMF but still haven't gotten down to a root cause yet.

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Any chance you have a large package inadvertently set to be triggered by enrollment complete?

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I'm sure this probably doesn't impact your issue, but we had some DEP issues that culminated in being unable to add devices to a pre-stage enrollment this morning. Turns out I had to log into the site and 'accept' a new agreement that had been posted at some point before communications would resume flowing between our JSS and their MDM Server. I wish that an error would have been passed to the JSS such as "Please login to review new user agreement..." would have saved a bunch of time this morning.