DEPNotify and Mac App Store

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I'm using DEPNotify (great tool) to streamline the install of our standard apps and settings. Works well. Is there any way to add Mac App Store apps to it? Now that O365 is available in the app store, I'd rather deploy that way than use pkg's.


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You assign VPP apps to smart groups, so as long as the mac is in the smart group it should get it. There is no way to force the installation right away really - it happens based on the device's inclusion in smart groups, apns, and timing.

If you wanted to initiate the installation during the time you are running DEPNotify you could maybe leave a breadcrumb (file) somewhere on the system then do a recon. If you had an extension attribute checking for existence of that breadcrumb, then that device would be placed into the smart group, then soon after that the VPP installation scoped to that smart group would begin.