Exchange ActiveSync profile installed but fails repeatedly

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We push out a config profile to our managed iPad devices with an Exchange ActiveSync payload that prompts students to enter their Google email password in a pop-up window. This works perfectly for about 98% of users; the other 2% will have it work fine for awhile and then it will suddenly crap out, telling users that it's unable to check for mail.

In some instances resetting their password fixes the issue, but for others we need to exclude them from the scope and re-add them. Of those there are a couple of students that are up here multiple times a year for the same issue, so whatever we are doing is just a temporary fix. It is causing students to miss instructional time while we're troubleshooting, as well as potentially important messages while the student is unaware that the Mail app stopped working again.

Has anyone encountered this before? We are considering pushing out the Gmail app but the enormous burden of opening the app, entering the email address and then finally the password is about enough to send kids over the edge with that extra step... Thoughts?


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I've encountered something similar a while back when gMail accounts would just lock the user out for no reason. The solution was to do a CAPTCHA unlock for them. Looks like they still offer it as an option - so you may want to have the student try this first before a policy fix.

The only thing that might be the case is that since it's an Exchange/ActiveSync account, this tool might not be helpful, but it's certainly worth a try?

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@jonconn thanks, i'm sure it couldn't hurt! if anyone else has any ideas, please don't hesitate to thrown them out there! :)