feedback token found for nonexistent device

Contributor III

i have seen this in my logs on a regular basis (up to a couple of times per day) for months and i just don't get it. i've asked jamf support about it multiple times and they haven't really given me a direct answer, so i'm hoping that someone on here might be able to help:

2018-04-06 02:58:15,664 [WARN ] [ralPool-346] [FeedbackTokenFactory ] - 1 feedback tokens were found:
[iPhone:1257:e54a1c91 f6d76f49 cc4b2d56 4f5d025b 8be0b621 c8b5daae a874b917 6a23560e:1523001475]

we manage iOS devices only, and they are all iPads. no iPhones are shown in our jamf summary, any advanced searches, etc. i don't know what the heck this is. anyone have any thoughts??

thanks! :)