FileVault 2 Re-Issue Does not Escrow (DEP Machines)

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Occasionally receiving this message. The drive is fully encrypted and running either 10.12.6 or at least 10.13.4. Using this Script by homebysix

"[WARNING] FileVault key was generated, but escrow cannot be confirmed. Please verify that the redirection profile is installed and the Mac is connected to the internet."

On machines that are User Initiated Enrollment / Quick-Added to our Jamf Pro environment I am able to remove the mdm profile and re-enroll via sudo jamf removeMDMprofile followed by sudo jamf mdm. The policy then runs without issue and updates in our Jamf Pro environment.

However, if a computer is enrolled in DEP the issue persists even after the removal and re-addition of the configuration profiles.

I am attempting to see if the drive being unencrypted and encrypted again resolves the issue but the device I am testing this with has not finished that process.


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Were you able to find a solution to this issue?  I am experiencing the same error message, during user initiated enrollments.