Free Flash Player options for iOS?

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Hello everyone. We have 12,000 + iPads deployed in my county and everything seems to be working fine with distance learning so far. We have ran into some issues with our state distance learning option though. We currently have two options for families. They can learn from the county and go to school when our counties allow it when our active cases are low, and they learn through teams and Schoology when we have a high rate.

They also have the option to learn through state provided material for the entire year, through the states lesson plans and materials. This is where we run into issues. The state has videos that they are putting out that require flash to run to watch them. Students and parents are having a lot of issues trying to watch these videos as they are using the county-provided iPads.

Does anyone know a free app or way to get flash player to work on these iPads or will the county have to pay for the Puffin app in order to get these students to get through their state provided material?



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@Vandelay_Industries Is your state completely oblivious to the fact that Adobe has been telling people for over 3 years that Flash is gone at the end of 2020, and they need to find a new solution? Maybe have them look at Adobe Flash Player EOL General Information Page if that's news to them.

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Just to further fan the flames. The way Puffin works means it's a potential land mine as filtering on or offsite will be tricky. They used to have an education version but dropped that back In 2018 I believe.

We regularly scold folks within our district if they pursue learning materials which require plugins or a specific platform and will often downright tell them to pound sand. Hoop jumping is for dog shows not something children need to go through to use tech in classrooms(wherever it may be).